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Self Reliance Center for Independent Living is located near the intersection of Armenia Avenue and Busch Blvd. Hartline Bus # 14 is nearest the Center and Hartline Bus # 39 is at the intersection of Armenia Avenue and Busch Blvd.

Anyone can receive information and referral services and people with disabilities can access services through an intake process. Please contact Self Reliance by telephone, video phone, mail, email or in person to schedule an intake appointment that is convenient for you. There are no charges for services but Funders and Grantors may have income, asset and residency requirements for the services they fund. As an agency of last resort Self Reliance does serve those in most need and have no other means to access programs and services. Some Funders may require documentation of disability and need and any person requesting the purchase and/or repair of durable medical equipment must have a prescription from a medical provider.


Questions regarding consumer & community services:


E-mail: gmartoccio@self-reliance.org


Questions regarding funding and donations: 


E-Mail: gmartoccio@self-reliance.org