Other Services

Self Reliance provides other programs and services to individuals and the community at large. These programs and services are determined by the individual and collective needs of consumers, needs of the community and by the availability of funding, partnerships and collaborations.

Durable Medical Equipment – funding is available for consumers to obtain equipment that insurance, Medicaid or Medicare will not cover and yet are necessary for the person to function independently. As an agency of last resort we ensure that all other avenues of funding have been explored and denied and all pieces of equipment must be prescribed by the consumer’s doctor. There is limited funding for the purchase of equipment with purchases limited to equipment not available in the loaner closet. Donated equipment is available in our Loaner Closet and may be donated or loaned to the consumer for their use. Such equipment includes, walkers, shower chairs/benches, transfer boards, canes, crutches, manual wheelchairs, etc.

Repair & Maintenance of Power Chairs/Scooters – funding is at times available for the repair and maintenance of power chairs and scooters. The repair and purchase of tires, batteries and other components may be available for those consumers who qualify.

Community Accessibility – the Center works with local and state government entities and planning committees to ensure availability and accessibility of public transportation, affordable housing, emergency operations and construction or reconstruction of roadways, parks and public buildings.

Independence Lab – Due to the generosity and support of the Verizon Foundation, Self Reliance has an accessible computer lab for children, youth and adults with disabilities to use in their quest for independence. Independence Lab is a model resource center with computer technology accessible to persons with disabilities. The lab has accessible computer workstations. Equipment includes screen reader software, scan and read, head mouse, Erko trackball and Internet access. Consumers may use this lab to search for employment, access online applications, housing information, employer websites and more. The Lab also has video phones that enable people who are deaf to communicate with family, employers, banks, schools etc. independent of assistance from others.

Youth Transition – This program focuses on young people transitioning from school to employment, post secondary education, trade schools and independent living.

S.T.E.P. (Self Reliance Training & Education Program) Training and education programs are provided to consumers and the community at large. Subject matter includes, voting rights, changes in Medicare benefits, housing rights, disaster planning, money management and other subject areas as needs are expressed or defined.

Additional services include ADA accessibility surveys, recreational and social opportunities, youth and family
services for individuals with disabilities

Please contact Self Reliance Center for Independent Living (CIL) for information and access to services.

Telephone: 813 375 3965

Information: TTY: 813 375 3972

Videophone: For Videophone owners call direct at 813-402-0330
To reach the VP Relay operator call 1-866-327-8877 and give the operator our direct number.

Email: gmartoccio@self-reliance.org

Anyone can receive information and referral services and people with disabilities can access services through an intake process. Please contact Self Reliance by telephone, video phone, mail, email or in person to schedule an intake appointment that is convenient for you. There are no charges for services but Funders and Grantors may have income, asset and residency requirements for the services they fund. As an agency of last resort Self Reliance does serve those in most need and have no other means to access programs and services. Some Funders may require documentation of disability and need and any person requesting the purchase and/or repair of durable medical equipment must have a prescription from a medical provider.